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The Institute for Advanced Study was established as an organization crossing over departments, aiming to be a hub for international advanced research in October, 2009. The main mission of the Institute is to develop activities of advanced research and social contributions, nurture young researchers to carry the next generation, and to provide prominent results in research inside and outside the university.

Four people, who have accomplished world leading research and made significant contributions internationally, were invited as University Professors and are currently teaching. The university highly values them. Using their abundant research experience, they continuously promote advanced research and instruct young researchers and graduate students to be self-supported leaders with a comprehensive view.
In addition, researchers who achieved extremely significant results, are nominated as Distinguished University Professors. They give lectures and guidance about development of academia in Kyushu University on occasion.

The Institute for Advanced Study has tenure track researchers, who are young researchers leading the next generation, in a wide range of fields, and engaging in unique research. Through interchange with Distinguished University Professors and University Professors with prominent achievements and experience, these researchers are expected to give excellent results that catapult them to the world level. They may make further progress through their mutual interchange, lectures and seminars. They surely have the potential to be core researchers carrying scientific development not only for Kyushu University, but also for the 21st century. Furthermore, in the Institute for Advanced Study, academic research by teachers, researchers and graduate students is promoted through activities, such as lectures and seminars. Additionally, the institute conducts dissemination activities, such as conveying the most advanced scientific and academic achievements to undergraduate students and citizens, and review of modern problems based on the achievements with them.

Graduate students and young researchers having dreams and hopes, and showing their originality to the full, are more important than anything else to the development of science and technology. In addition, development of research has been gradually revealing that research, which seemed previously to have had no relationship with each other, are actually connected. A key feature of Kyushu University is that it has researchers covering a wide range of academic fields including social sciences to which the institute can maximize this feature to its advantage. We hope that the university will open up new fields and become a world leading university through the provision of advanced fundamental education to the young generation to produce excellent young researchers for the next generation. And that there be mutual influence between the experienced mature researchers and the young. The Institute for Advanced Study makes every effort to become the centre of the above initiatives.

The Institute for Advanced Study of Kyushu University will expand its structure and activities in the future. Please let us know your ideas, opinions and requests about activities or roles of the Institute for Advanced Study. They may be considered, developed and applied for further expansion.

Moreover, please participate in activities of the Institute for Advanced Study in its various forms including lectures, symposiums, workshops, etc. Please continue to support the activities of the Institute for Advanced Study.

Yoh Iwasa

Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study
Yoh Iwasa
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