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The Institute for Advanced Study was established in October 2009, to become an advanced level international research center of Kyushu University. Our main mission is to engage in study support activities and to mentor young researchers who will support the next generation. We will disseminate the results of our study, both inside and outside the University, while expanding high-level research and contributing to the society.

We have invited five world-leading professors of Kyushu University as University Professors to continue promoting advanced research, to pass on their abundant experience to young researchers and graduate students, and to mentor young researchers to be independent, broad-minded leaders.
Additionally, distinguished external researchers who have made outstanding achievements in their field are appointed as Distinguished University Professors, and will be asked to give lectures and advice on the advancement of academia at Kyushu University.

We expect that our young researchers will be helped to make outstanding contributions to the world by interacting with Distinguished University Professors and University Professors of rich experience and achievement. We expect that our young researchers will grow even more through this environment of high-quality lectures, seminars, and mutual interactions, to become core researchers who will support the development of Kyushu University as well as 21st-century science. We also promote academic research of all faculty members, researchers, and graduate students, through these lectures and seminars. We actively engage in promotional or outreach activities, sharing the results of our cutting-edge science with the public, and encouraging all to consider current problems that we face on the earth.

To develop science and technology, it is important that graduate students and young researchers have dreams and hopes, and perform their ingenuity to the best of their ability. As research develops, it often becomes clear that fields of research initially considered unrelated are in fact strongly related to each other. A strong point of Kyushu University is that it is a comprehensive university, bringing together researchers from various fields of study, including Humanities and Social Sciences. We hope to provide advanced education to the young generation, to mentor them to be outstanding researchers, and to give them an environment where they can be influenced by experienced researchers. The Institute for Advanced Study will strive to be the core of Kyushu University, which takes the lead in advancing new areas of study.

The Institute for Advanced Study of Kyushu University will continue to enhance its structures and activities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any opinions regarding our activities.

Lastly, we welcome all of you to attend and enjoy our lectures and workshops. We ask for your continuous support on our activities.

Hiroyuki Sasaki

Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study
Hiroyuki Sasaki
744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 819-0395, Japan
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