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Tsutomu Katsuki, 1st President of the Institute in October 2009, the Institute for Advanced Study was established aiming to be a center of global and advanced research beyond the departments in Kyushu University. Major roles of the institute are the development of advanced research as well as training young researchers who are responsible for the next generation and supporting research through sharing our achievements inside and outside the university.
ute for Advanced Study retired in March of this year. I, Yoh Iwasa was then appointed as the President of the Institute for Advanced Study.

We invited 3 leading world-class researchers to be on our faculty of University Professors to promote our advanced research. Furthermore, they utilize their rich research experience for our young researchers and graduate students to help them to grow up as leaders who are self-reliant and having a broad view.

Moreover, researchers who accomplished highly advanced research achievements were assigned as our Distinguished University Professors to instruct through lectures and to give advice regarding development of the academia in Kyushu University.

The most important aspect of the Institute for Advanced Study is that young researchers who are responsible for the next generation were appointed as Associate Professors from a wide range of research fields, and they are examining unique areas of research. We hope that our researchers will, by making global-scale research achievements through associating with our experienced and outstanding University Professors and Distinguished University Professors, as well as further advancement through their interactive communication and lectures,will become core researchers contributing to the 21st century science development not only for Kyushu University but also the whole world.

The Institute for Advanced Study promotes academic research by teachers, researchers and graduate students through activities such as lectures and seminars, as well as distributing the latest achievements of scientific or academic research to students and the general public and discussing modern-day problems with them based on the research.

Nothing is more important than that graduate students and young researchers have hope and use their creativity fully for the advancement of science and technology. I would like to develop the university which opens the new academic fields and leads the whole world through providing basic education to young researchers and opportunities to interact with experienced established researchers and young researchers for the next generation. I strongly hope that the institute can be a centre for such.

The Institute for Advanced Study was established a few years ago. Its system and activities, can still be developed in the future. So please don’t hesitate to send your requests and ideas regarding activities and I would love to hear from you and utilize them for further development.

Please join and support our activities such as symposiums and workshops.

President of the Institute for Advanced Study
Yoh Iwasa
Yoh Iwasa
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