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The Institute for Advanced Study is promoting advanced research beyond the departments in Kyushu University. By this, Kyushu University is being promoted as a center of global study and education for achieving excellent results in research, which can lead the academic community, as well as benefit society through its achievements.

Mission of the Institute for Advanced Study
To achieve its purposes, the Institute for Advanced Study develops the following substantive research and support activities:
(1) Development of advanced research
(2) Cultivation of young researchers who are responsible for the next generation
(3) Dissemination of outstanding research results inside and outside the university

About Our Establishment

Kyushu University has established itself as a university in a range of academic fields. These are in the humanities and social sciences, science engineering, and life science. It celebrated its centenial anniversary in 2011. The university has been turning out many people of superior talent until now, and strongly promoting the formation of a new education study foothold under the primary theme to open up a new century of intellect.
While aiming at further development, the university has been developing world class activities in education, research and medical examination, as an Asia oriented university serving as a global hub, a "Japanese representative university" and a university prospering along with its city, and respected and relied upon by its citizens.

The former President of Kyushu University, Dr. Setsuo Arikawa established the "Institute for Advanced Study" in October, 2009. This is an organization for the whole university, crossing over departments, where superior young researchers for the next generation and researchers, who had extremely high achievements equivalent to the Nobel prize, carry out advanced research activities.

University Professors of the Institute for Advanced Study are Professor Emeritus Seiji Shinkai, contributing to the development of super-molecule chemistry, Professor Emeritus Takehiko Sasazuki, actively participating in the world-class immunogenetics area as a leading researcher, Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, engaged in contribution work for medical activities, construction of irrigation canals and farmland reclamation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Professor Emeritus Toyoki Kunitake, who has given advanced contributions in the material science field and in the creation of molecules histochemical field through the discovery of synthetic bilayer membrane.

Furthermore, four "Distinguished University Professors", who won Nobel prizes and contributed to research and educational activities of the university, were added as members. While progressively enriching the line-up to collect wisdom from young and senior academics, we emphasize the further improvement of university administration and scientific research by graduate students through promoting activities of the Institute for Advanced Study, such as lectures and seminars.

From the research side, the "Institute for Advanced Study" strongly supports the university, whose mission is to be a hub of international research and education through promoting the university's projects, which must be developed with the finest focus. The institute plays an extremely important role in realizing the university’s mission.

The Institute for Advanced Study, as a part of Kyushu University has a sincere desire to launch full-scale efforts to attract attention from not only Japan but also the world as a unique organization promoting advanced study. Please continue to support us.
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