To create new academic fields and lead the world

Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study

(From April 2021)

SHIRATANI Masaharu , Ph.D. Eng.

Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University

Field of Expertise:
Plasma Engineering

Fellow of The Japan Society of Applied Physics (2013),
Plasma Material Science Award (2015),
Plasma Electronics Award (2016)

The Institute for Advanced Study was established in October 2009 as an international research and educational center of Kyushu University. Our mission is to give opportunities for excellent researchers in Kyushu University, especially post professors or young researchers who have accomplished great research achievements, regardless of their academic fields. Through the activities in our institute, we are aiming to mentor young researchers who will succeed in the world and to promote the use of research results to contribute to society.

Presently, five excellent researchers of Kyushu University are appointed as University Professors of our institute.

SHINKAI Seiji Specialized fields: Supramolecular chemistry; molecular recognition; functional polymers
SASAZUKI Takehiko Specialized fields: Immunogenetics
KUNITAKE Toyoki Specialized fields: Molecular organization chemistry; polymer chemistry
TOKO Kiyoshi Specialized fields: Development of electrical and electronic engineering
INOUE Kazuhide Specialized fields: Neuropharmacology ; Neurochemistry

Also, excellent researchers who have outstanding achievements in their field, such as receiving a Nobel Prize, and made a significant contribution to research and educational activities in Kyushu University are appointed as Distinguished University Professors.

K. Barry Sharpless, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2001)
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize (2006)
Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1987)
Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2004)
Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2001)
Yoshino Akira, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2019)

We will hold lectures and symposiums where these professors tell their research experiences to students and staffs in our university and our researchers tell everyone their research results. We welcome all of you to attend these lectures and symposiums.

In Kyushu University, we are aiming to create new academic fields and lead the world.  I think that it is the most important that students and young researchers have dreams and hopes and that they can fully exercise their creativity without fear.
Therefore, the institute will act as a core to promote activities to achieve these goals and contribute to technological development.