中村 哲(Tetsu NAKAMURA)

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura died on December 4, 2019, in Afghanistan.
We pray that his soul may rest in peace.

University Professor of Institute for Advanced Study, Kyushu University

Specialized Fields :
International Medical and the Project of Irrigation and Agriculture

Irrigation and Providing Medical Care in Afghanistan


I had been thinking that I, a field doctor, have nothing to do with being a University Professor. However, there are reasons for accepting the invitation.

In my work, I have been deeply connected to the eastern part of Afghanistan and have seen many calamities including wars, refugees, poverty, droughts and ethnic conflicts. I also saw the powerlessness of the medical and scientific technology that we take pride in. I wondered where our “intellectual works” are heading to.

While I was busy taking measures for undergoing severe drought, I had been thinking that the relationship between nature and man must be a major theme for all fields in the future.

I have been realizing that we are entering an era of re-examination of what we have been studying and implementing. Actually, economic frontiers are disappearing and environmental change is threatening us. Technological civilization is coming apart everywhere. Views of the world are hugely diverse and fragmentary, and lack foundation and realism.

In such a situation, I understand that the Institute for Advanced Study is a positive initiative crossing over study fields, taking time and endurance and comprehensibly weaving an “intellectual vector” for the next era. I would be glad if I can contribute any help to my mother university by conveying actual situations on sites from the lowest seat.

Academic Background

March 1973

School of Medicine, Kyushu University

Occupation Background


National Hospital Organization Hizen Psychiatric Center


Omuta Rosai Hospital


Baba Hospital


Medical Director of Leprosy Unit of Peshawar Mission Hospital (Pakistan Peshawar), Peshawar-kai Representitave in Local Site


Founder and Advisor of JAMS (Japan Afghan Medical Service) (Pakistan Peshawar)


Founder and Director of PLS (Peshawar Leprosy Service) Hospital (Pakistan Peshawar)


PMS (Peshawar-kai Medical Service) Hospital General Director (Integrated JAMS and PLS) (Pakistan Peshawar)


PMS (Peace Japan Medical Service) (Peace Medical Service Japan) General Director (Afghanistan)


University Professor of Institute for Advanced Study, Kyushu University

Academic Awards・Awards


Health and Welfare Minister’s Prize (Ministry of Health and Welfare)


Magsaysay Award “Peace and International Understanding”


The 8th Inductee of The Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto


Received “Ghazi Meal Masjid Khan Medal” from the president of Afghanistan, Ghani


JSCE Awards Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award


A letter of appreciation from the Prime Minister