As an international research and education hub

The Institute for Advanced Study was established as the organization to promote cutting-edge research beyond the faculties so that Kyushu University, as an international research and education hub, can produce excellent research achievements to lead the academic community and use them for contributing to society.

About us

Aiming to be a world’s leading university

Kyushu University is aiming to forge new academic frontiers and lead the world. For developing scientific research, the most important thing is that young researchers and students have dreams and hopes and that they can fully exercise their creativity without fear.


Fostering young researchers and graduate students with wealth of research experiences

The institute has appointed prominent persons who have excellent research achievements or outstanding international cooperation activities as University Professors/ Distinguished University Professors to contribute to fostering young researchers with self-standing and wide point of view.


Young researchers

Introducing young researchers, belong to our institute at present or in the past, who will play central role of scientific progress in the 21st century.

Young Researcher